How to Access Your On-Demand Concert: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Access Your On-Demand Concert: Step by Step Guide

Below are the steps to access your on-demand concert from your computer or your mobile device. We recommend connecting your computer or mobile device to your TV for optimal picture and sound quality! 

If using a computer, connect an HDMI cord from your computer to the back of your TV. Use your remote control to change the input/source to HDMI, press "play" on your computer and enjoy!

If using a mobile device, you will need an HDMI adapter for your device. Connect the adapter to your device, connect the HDMI cord to the adapter then to the back of your TV. Use your remote control to change the input/source to HDMI, press "play" on your device and enjoy!

HERE IS A HELPFUL LINK to connecting your computer to your TV.

5 Easy Steps to Access the Concert: 


STEP 1: Log Into Your Account on our Website   The Account Log In button is located at the top of the homepage

STEP 2: Enter Email Address and Password   Your account email and password should auto populate. If you cannot remember your password, you will need to go through the password reset process.

STEP 3: Click "Your Account and Digital Content Access"   This is located at the top left of the page

STEP 4: Click "Digital Content": This is located at the left of the page. This page is your Account Section and where Digital Content tab is located. You are NOT REQUIRED to do anything with your account or Login Information. 

STEP 5: Click "View Content" Button for the concert your have purchased  All of our digital concerts will appear as PRIVATE and require a password. Please use the case-sensitive password provided. 

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