Planned Giving

The Importance of Leaving a Legacy

“Leaving the Symphony in my will was such an easy thing to do.  It didn’t take away from my current resources, yet it was a way for me to sustain the dream I have of keeping the Symphony around for a very long time. This was important to me; so I invited the Executive Director and the Planned Giving person to meet with me to 'talk business.'

"For me, it was the best way to leave something tangible; and, I wanted to be an example to others to encourage them to do the same thing. I believe that the Symphony is important to the community if the city is to grow.  I think it’s important to make the Symphony as appealing as possible to a wide audience. 

“It’s imperative to support the Symphony at whatever level you can.  I give to the annual fund now – and will later out of my estate.” ~ Lucretia Pladera

Pictured above: Patricia Gorman Ewers, Lucretia Pladera, and Peggy Springer at the 2018 Musical Legacy Society Luncheon.


Pictured above: Members of the Musical Legacy Society (MLS) are invited to a complimentary luncheon at the Spokane Club each year.  All it takes to join the society is a confirmation that you have included the Spokane Symphony in your estate plans.

We hear from music enthusiasts that their gifts to the Spokane Symphony are given for a variety of personal reasons. Not only do they enjoy the genius of the Orchestra, but they want to continue the orchestral legacy in our community for future generations.

Through a will, life insurance, charitable remainder trust or any other financial plan, you can leave a gift to help the Spokane Symphony continue its legacy of quality music and education in the community for decades to come. We are here to help.

Ongoing legacy gifts help to ensure the long-term financial stability and sustainability for the Symphony and protect it from unanticipated economic situations. Legacy gifts also guarantee excellent concert programming, expanded education programs, and the recruitment and retention of the best musicians well into the future.

You can make a difference in the lives of the current Symphony family and the one that follows. Leaving a legacy gift is personal decision based on your own circumstances and ability. 

Meredith Coleman

Official Gift Language (Wills & Trusts)

Spokane Symphony Society

The official gift language for Spokane Symphony is:

"I give to the Corporation of Spokane Symphony Society, a Washington State non-profit corporation, headquartered in Spokane, Washington, the sum of $_______ (or___% of my estate, or the property described herein)."

Spokane Symphony’s Tax ID Number: 91-0730435
Spokane Symphony’s Legal Name: Spokane Symphony Society

Information for Beneficiary Designation Forms (IRAs, 401ks/403bs, etc.)

Spokane Symphony

Legal Name: Spokane Symphony Society
Federal Tax ID Number: 91-0730435
Legal Address: Spokane Symphony, PO Box 365, Spokane, WA 99210


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